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ATSS products generate more accurate, consistent, and reproducible E/M codes using significantly less time and effort. E/M coding and auditing is simplified with easy to use interfaces and aids to guide users through the process.

All products

        incorporate the requirements for Evaluation/Management (E/M) services coding review indicated by the American Medical Association's (AMA) Physicians’ Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and Health Care Finance Administration's (HCFA) Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management Services;

        derive accurate, consistent, and reproducible E/M codes corresponding to the level of service documented in the medical record; and

        can generate reports for audit protection with recall of data from each encounter.

EASY E/M CODING SYSTEM™ is a comprehensive system of software and history & physical forms designed for physicians and other health care providers to optimize E/M code selection at the time medical care is provided, improve supporting documentation in the medical record, and produce reports for audit protection.

THE E/M AUDITOR: Payor Edition ™ is designed to improve auditor effectiveness and productivity for insurers, third party administrators, managed care companies and other organizations responsible for assessing the value of physicians' cognitive work after claims submission. It allows payors to compare E/M codes submitted by the provider with the "correct" E/M code derived by the software from audited medical records. Further, it automatically generates audit, financial and training reports.

THE E/M AUDITOR: Compliance Edition ™ is designed for medical centers, teaching hospitals, IPAs, medical networks, and large medical group practices. It addresses the need to anticipate E/M coding review by government agencies and other payors, and the Association of American Medical Colleges recommendation for a "Model of Compliance." It permits administrators to perform internal audits prior to claims submission and identifies incorrect coding practices before submitting claims and receiving improper payments. Also included are reports suitable for training purposes.

THE E/M CODING ENGINE™ is the base software that powers the above products. Its open, object oriented, design allows other software developers with complimentary products to easily integrate E/M coding capability into their existing products. OCX and DLL interfaces enable customized front ends to match the "look and feel" of existing products.  More so, the Engine helps developers of electronic medical records exceed requirement of procedure 2.21 of the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT) Certification for Ambulatory Electronic Health Records. Client references available upon request.

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